January 13, 2013


There is another 'new year resolution' I forgot to add to last weeks post... Since Christmas and even before, I have been thinking about giving presents and receiving them. This last Christmas I made a point in making most of my presents. And I had a really great time!
Presents don't need to be big, they don't need to cost much either... Little attentions are so much more thoughtful, getting a postcard, a handwritten note from someone can be the most priceless things. So when someone spends time thinking of you while make something, it is very special.

I was discussing the issue with various people who were sharing their experience of getting a present with 'no meaning' from someone who clearly didn't know them. A present, to me, is a way to connect, by showing someone you know them, of wanting to tell them you were thinking of them at a certain time. Knowing the person, giving a gift, yes. Presents are overrated, there's so much pressure to always buy buy buy...

Ok, you might think I am over thinking this too much, and yes ok, I am not claiming I get it 100% right everytime - I just try and enjoy the art of giving and putting as much thoughts and effort everytime I give someone something. Because I have observed the pre-Christmas rush, it was a really fascinating experience, watching people buy absolutely anything just to tick names off their lists of presents to buy. No thought there... just waste.

Right, I am not saying I will not buy anything, for example, I gave my sister some of her favourite British cheese as one of her little Christmas gifts. She was absolutely thrilled, this sort of purchase may be an exception to home made - yes I am not yet able to make cheese myself!


  1. Je te suis dans cette bonne résolution!!! Offrir pour offrir n'a effectivement aucun sens.
    A tout bientôt

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